Running in Circles of Black & White (first draft)

So many #family, #friends, and #acquaintances ask where have I gone in the past few days, weeks, and months. All I can say is the exhaustion of the desert is critical on my heart and back. But let me make my words plain, last week after Bowling league I was in a car accident which totaled my car. I just started this company so this it is a crucial blow because that car is part of my 40 acres and a #mule. First and foremost, that is a Spike Lee reference, I love his movies (think “School Daze,” “He Got Game,” or “Crooklyn”). Secondly, that is an Emancipation reference, so please check your United States legal history. In any case, back to the car accident, I have constant chest pain. Based on the opinion of my friends who have worked in physical therapy, they think I bruised my sternum. Based on my background as a former Pfizer pharmaceutical sales rep who sold cardiovascular medicines I feared that I have subcutaneous bruising. Sounds like both my muscles and bones are bruised from a critical accident. The accident is hard for me to remember. I think I hit a patch of ice on the highway and spun out and hit the wall but my brain is so scrambled. I constantly have to ask myself to stop then think about what I am doing….more to come soon!!!!


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