Physically Raped – Catharsis

So, my Dad (he adopted me when I was in middle school) and most of the Williams family does not believe I was raped but the Estrada family does believe me. I HATE talking about it that’s why I held it in so long. Basically, I trusted my high school friend whose Dad (step-father) is the preacher of the church I attended in high school. He is also best friend’s with one of my closest friends. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It happened awhile ago while I was visiting in Florida. Then, my first boyfriend, whom I had already broken up with, found out about the rape direct from the source. He called me telling me he was going to beat this guy up and I said not to because I didn’t want talk about it. I didn’t want to explain how it happened to me this so-called smart young lady. This so-called friend was bragging that he got me drunk and had sex with me. What he didn’t tell people was I wouldn’t let him finish. My rapist always had a crush on me. He invited me to the high school Turn-About dance but at the last-minute decided to take someone else. Anyway, the night of my rape, in my drunken stupor I struggled to push him off me. I did push him away but he still ejaculated (came) on me by finishing himself. I was supposed to attend a college homecoming with my girlfriend but she backed out at the last-minute due to school obligations. I attended a college homecoming alone to visit a so-called friend. So, yes, I was physically raped when I could not make logical decisions. Yes, it happened. Dad it happened and hurts that you choose not to believe me and support me. It is always the pretty female’s fault. Anyone who does not believe me is wrong. The guy was wrong. It should never have happened. I do not care what anyone says. I was there. I know what happened. Whether you were there or not you have no right to judge. Rape in this country called the United States of America known as the Land of the Free occurs every day with the blame game and judgment day. Old school mentality needs to change. Money will never buy my silence. I am too-strong willed for that. I was raised to be a proud, dignified, young lady by the current Chicago White Sox General Manager/Senior Vice-President and his beautiful (current) wife. My family will persevere no matter what color light you shine on us.


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