Definitions and Boundaries

What boundaries are crossed to push a parent or parent figure to disown their child? To what limit did that child push their parent and even possibly their relatives? When does the line become blurred and causes a person tip to the point of stalking? These are the questions that caused me to choose the framework for my latest blog in months….That and the one year anniversary of establishing my company is rapidly approaching. Which also makes me wonder what makes a person an expert? And, when should a person take 100% responsibility/accountability for flaws? Always, sometimes, never? I truly think the answer to each and every one of these questions is “it varies.” There is no cookie cutter or single Oxford-dictionary definition for these types of complex questions.

However, in this day and age of rapid-fire technology and information overload sometimes of inaccurate information, these are important questions to consider. We should all consider these questions because the answers have a strong possibility of being impactful and everlasting. We leave our footprints everywhere we go these days in the sand, on the wet pavement, and in the cyber world. So, again in regards to boundaries and definitions we should maintain an open mind and realize that we must respect the lines…whether they are simply cracks in the pavement which may cause you to trip. We must respect these boundaries and definitions which at first glance appear to be lines in the sand. There truly is a thin line between love and hate, loss and gain, reality and wonder. Please consider this as you take your stand as a leader or simply a twitter follower.


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