“Change is the Only Constant…”

with my family and a whole bunch of stars!

My life is ever-changing…I am doing my best to adjust. However, at times those closest to me, oftentimes my family members do not understand the new path I seek. It is okay to have an opinion but please stop trying to prevent me from reaching my dreams. In time, my intentions will be revealed to the world and the proper audience(s).

As the owner of a start-up company, everything I am doing with my time is critical. Also, I am not only the President of this firm but also to keep the overhead costs low I am the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, etcetera. Still, while I enjoy networking because I meet so many intriguing and phenomenal people, I must also admit that I struggle to find a balance between business and pleasure. Business often takes over. Nevertheless this is a welcome challenge as I continue to strive towards my dreams. Balance is critical to my life and my long run vision. So, I suppose being aware of this challenge to not allow one aspect of life over take the other, I should be better prepared to overcome the desire to put business before all else. At the end of the day, moderation will help keep me and Royal TKO Media Productions, LLC on track.


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