The Wedding that is still Bankrupting Me (part 1)

So, I have been waiting to write this for awhile.  I needed time to heal some of the deeper wounds.  Still, I am unsure if the scars will ever truly fade away.  Thus, this story will require a slow reveal and there will be many drafts about the time I almost got married.  I am still working on not being bitter and jaded.  But, it is so hard not to be this way while my parents are still struggling to finalize their divorce.  In fact, my parents marriage was struggling when I became engaged to my now ex-fiancee.  I thank the world, God, karma, and the spirits that I did not marry that so-called man whom I now know to be book-smart but lacking much common sense. My ex-fiancee attended Campion College in Jamaica, Harvard University for his undergraduate degree, University of Chicago for medical school, and was accepted into the Yale Residency Program for Orthopedic Surgery.  Wait I am probably doing this in the wrong order.  Ah, let’s go back to more of a focused engagement/wedding-related beginning point…

I dated my ex-fiancee, James, for about four years before he proposed to me.  We had been through our share of ups and downs.  So, when he proposed to me I didn’t take a lot of time to say yes.  Again, I am getting ahead of myself. So, my Jamaican ex-fiancee who had officially become a medical doctor by degree but had not finished residency for his preferred specialty did ask my Dad first if he could have my hand in marriage. My Dad told him: “You can ask her but she is going to say no because she doesn’t love you.” Ok, so my Dad thought I would waste my time for years with some guy I did not love. Yeah, someone please explain that to me. Anyway, my ex-fiancee decides to propose to me the morning after my Papa’s (maternal grandfather’s) 81st birthday. The morning after Papa’s birthday dinner, James gets down on one knee and says, “will you marry me?” No preamble or anything. As I already told you I did say yes. Then, he flew back to Connecticut that same day. This is going to be a long story so this is to be continued….


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