My First Home Remodel Project

This century-old house has a lot of history as it should. What I love the most is that there is so much love and therapy here from Mama and Papa. I moved here into my grandparents 2-3 flat shortly after Thanksgiving 2011 for several very important reasons. This home holds a lot of promise also for oh so many reasons. I think most importantly to all the members of my family, immediate and extended, is the fact that this is Papa’s (Ruperto S. Estrada, R.I.P. 1920-2010) legacy. WE (all of my family) wants so much for this house to carry us forward into life, love, and success with God’s blessing.

I now live in what was once my cousins’ (Krystle, Samantha, Adrianne, Maxine, Khristian, and Karl’s childhood home). My Mom, Aunt, and Uncle also lived here for a large portion of their respective lives. In fact, my Aunt (my Mom’s eldest sibling) and her husband still live in the house in the other flat. Here in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, IL the Estrada/Bacerdo family first made its impact on America after moving here from the Islands of the Philippines. So, now I see it as my turn as part of the first American-born generation to leave my mark since Mama asked me to help her with this project.

We discussed many options on where to begin. Ultimately, God and the impending cold of a harsh Chicago winter determined our starting point for us. Thus began, my journey towards advocating for central heating to be installed in my flat. Waking up to a cold home due to temperatures dropping below the freezing point became unbearable because it slowed me down so much to starting my day. Everything was a process. Rotating space heaters, forewarning guests about my situation, taking a simple shower was all much more complicated than a home with a “normal” heating system. I know my family grew up for some time in third world conditions but here in America I thought we do not have to live like that. C’est la vie I suppose.


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