Passion, Purpose, and Pride

ImageMy Mom often asks me what does my company do?  I give her a bare bones answer usually because she is very skeptical of my company and the foundation for its creation.  At the same time, the answer will never be simple nor do I want to be a one dimensional company.  My Mom also likes to tell me that all my blog is is a journal.  However,  a true journal would never be able to capture the depth of my feelings nor does this blog.  The purpose of my company will always change; however, it is founded on the principle that passionate people do not work they simply do what they love to do as their career.  They follow their strengths as their compass to success.  My blog is much more than a journal and a website.  This blog is a window into some of the life experiences that have shaped me and carried me this far. Quite obviously, my blog is publicly available to the worldwide web unlike a more personal handwritten journal. The openness of my blog is part of what makes it more than just a journal full of unknown thoughts, ideas, and hopes.  Ultimately, this blog is about sharing the passion, purpose, and pride in my life and the lives of other people I have met and will soon meet.  

Passion is more than just a Mel Gibson movie.  It is truly the driving force behind most things we as human beings seek to achieve.  Sometimes we feel like we must water down our passion due to outside pressures.  Other times, we sense that people are not fully ready for our passion yet we must display it anyway to show the strength of that true inspiration that lives deep within each of us.  Equally important  to me, is the passion that will lead to success. All of the speakers I have asked to be a part of the Speakers Membership Bureau for my company display various levels of this passion and each of them definitely leverage their leadership and management strengths. Still,  I can not underscore passion’s importance enough; however, my inability to demonstrate its importance will never stop me from trying.

Purpose is what we derive from following our passions.  Many of us constantly seek our purpose.  We learn to change and adapt as life nurtures us to do so.  So far, this year my purpose has grown to include fulfilling the role of being a mother and a wife in addition to being a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and a friend.  This journey toward my expanding purpose continues to take me on many ups and downs.  However, I look forward to the day when I reach the pinnacle of my purpose and enjoy a plateau of happiness and fulfillment.

Pride is also a necessary fuel to both the passions and purposes that we all seek to fulfill.  Some one may tell you that pride is a bad thing.  However, there must be balance in your pride before it tips to the point of being bad for you and those around you.  You should feel proud of your American heritage or Asian or African-American or Latin or European heritage.  Obviously, I did not list all of the numerous cultures we find in our everyday world.  My point is simply to state that we should never be ashamed of who we are currently and who we are seeking to become as we continue to learn and grow.

So, my Mom may have drawn her own ideas and conclusions about what my company and blog are all about.  Still, the fact remains that both of those things will never become stagnant.  As one of my favorite quote clearly and succinctly states, “Change is the only constant” and I strive to allow the changes in my life to center on passion, purpose, and pride.


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