Going Against the Grain

Being a business owner is most certainly challenging especially during the early formative years of a start-up company.  I also feel I must stress that the burdens it may take on your personal life both socially and amongst your family should neither be ignored or forgotten. Moreover, depending on the nature of your business, these burdens may not need to be highlighted especially if you have successes to promote too. Nevertheless,  I have found myself adjusting my focus constantly over the past several months.  While at my core, I still truly believe in the foundational core of my company, I have also felt a burning necessity to focus on day-to-day tasks that will also lead to my own personal success as a brand.

I readily admit that I am a person who tends to take on several daunting tasks at once.  However, I also believe in my personal abilities.   Yet, I also realize I cannot plan for everything which is why I allow myself to readjust.  To simplify things even further I do not allow myself to become complacent.   Sometimes I feel like this causes people to see me as not following the status quo  or simply going against the grain.  In fact, when I meet other people who challenge the status quo I am intrigued with them.  There is without a doubt value in seeing the perspective of someone you may not necessarily agree with but who speaks with such eloquence that they cause you to reconsider what they are saying.   The important thing is to also absorb what these intriguing individuals say to the point that in some cases may be challenging your own core beliefs.   However, you must also have the ability to filter and recognize whether or not your beliefs are truly in alignment with these inspirational figures or if these inspirational figures have brought new light to your beliefs and/or brought out things you may want to adapt and consider while also allowing yourself to discard other concepts which have now been brought to your attention.

I know I am speaking abstractly so please consider a concrete example such as your business partner presenting a very persuasive argument about an educational business that aligns perfectly with your familial needs and may have potential to meet some of your short-term and possible long-term financial needs.  However, if your current focus, which you have invested considerable time to pursue, is about a human resources business which will also meet your short-term and long-term financial needs yet may not allow you to fulfill your family obligations perfectly then, how do you go about deciding what is the best fit for you?  While both opportunities have pros and cons to weigh and your business partner makes an extremely persuasive argument, make sure to take the time to stand your ground on your own core beliefs no matter how appealing partners or non-partners may sound.  This is truly what I ponder and again why I feel a strong need to encourage people to pursue their passion.  

Coincidentally I am reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kawasaki.   While I work towards finishing the book, I am intrigued to see how much emphasis he puts on the same concept.  

And on a personal note, which I am cautious to share with the web, I have attempted to make the time to read this book several times in my life.  However, the current copy I am reading is actually part of the aftermath of my parents’ divorce and something my Dad left behind when he walked out on my Mom and half of the kids he raised with her for the final time.  Quite obviously blogging has been less of my focus lately. No matter what was going on in my own life both in business and personal endeavors blogging has never been my primary focus. Still, these types of memories serve as reminders of both the positive and negative impact a personal event like divorce can constantly play in your life. In conjunction with returning to blogging, I was disheartened to see my WordPress blog stats are still heavily influenced by my Dad who chooses to no longer be a part of my life.  More specifically, I am saddened to know that my relationship with my own Dad is still overshadowed by Zoraida Sambolin being in his life in whatever capacity according to these very same stats.  So for all the readers that venture to my site simply to review any emails about or between me and Zoraida Sambolin and/or to review emails from my Dad (Ken Williams, Sr. – Chicago White Sox GM as of this original posting date) please know that my Dad chooses to be absent in my life and the life of his granddaughter who is on the way in favor of the company of other people and in attempt to pretend he is not a recognizable figure in Chicago.  Still, this does not change my message that you should pursue your passion and if a cohesive family is not part of my Dad’s vision perhaps it is even better that he is not a part of this entrepreneurial venture as I had originally intended because my Dad inspired me to pursue it.  I am at peace with that; yet, it doesn’t change the fact that I miss him being one of several strong influences for the core beliefs that I hope to share with a wider audience as the Speakers Bureau arm of Royal TKO Media continues to grow.  Luckily, my relationship with my Mom continues to emphasize the importance of unconditional endurance through the ups and downs of business and life in general.


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