More life & marriage observations

“Yes, I married a mean, New Yorker whom I love wholeheartedly while learning to accept his flaws.  YES, I have normal, every day people/family issues. Yet, here I am still standing in spite of the karmic challenges thrown my way. 

Still, my very own adopted father, Ken R. Williams Senior, behaves as though he hates me and my eldest brother, Dedrick, for various reasons which are unknown to me due to consistent misunderstanding and miscommunication over the past nine plus years in correlation to my time away for my education at Duke University  Sadly, Zoraida Sambolin of Cable News Network failed to respect the five year divorce

process when a legal separation did not exist between my unconditionally loved parents. Then, both my Dad and @ZoraidaCNN (updated: @zoraidasambolin) blame me for their lack of understanding on how to treat family members whom should be considered VIPs…At the crack of dawn,  all I can think to say is we can all do better and apparently my best efforts will never be good enough…Enjoy this mornings’ RoyalT(ko)de Jem created just for you!


5 thoughts on “More life & marriage observations

  1. Hello! I applaud your efforts in trying to reconcile your relationship with your dad. My name is Adele and I am the mother of a 12 year old daughter. Like myself,my daughter lost her dad in 2011 due to colon cancer. We both miss our dads tremendously and long to hold them near. My dad died in 1987 and I still miss him. For all that it’s worth,I surely do hope and pray that your dad acknowledges you while he still can. My daughter and I have to deal with our dads’ absence involving our firsts: school graduations,wedding,boyfriends,birth of a grandchild,and so on and so forth. I understand the pain of losing a loving dad,but the only difference is my dad no longer has a choice to be a loving dad-yours still does and I hope he realizes that. I also hopes he develops a loving relationship with his granddaughter. My dad has never had the chance to see his granddaughter. I urge you to earnestly pray to God for guidance as to want He wants you to do: repair the relationship or sever all ties. God may be trying to protect you from further heartache. Just because he brings someone into our lives,that doesn’t always mean a permanent placement. He will definitely let you know if you ask him. God will never hold back anything that is good for you from you. I wish you the very best my dear!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and sharing your own experience Adele. I know that we should not take time for granted and have made peace with my part. There is only so much I can do and as long as I do it, I am okay. In the end, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I’ve definitely learned a lot from it all. God knows what is in my heart and what is best so I truly put my faith in that and keep praying on it too. When people like yourself take the time to show genuine and heartfelt well wishes, I am reminded that God hears me, so thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

      • God certainly is a hearer of heartfelt prayers. In fact,I truly believe that He is using me to deliver a message to you because I believe that it was divine intervention (not my daughter’s sport’s assignment for Chicago’s Greatest Baseball Players) that caused me to stumble across your blog when my daughter googled your dad’s name as part of her sport’s assignment. All along,I believe God also had an assignment planned for me to let you know that even though you may have lost an earthly father,in the process you gained a Heavenly Father who,despite any mishaps you may have,will never ever desert you. I,too,had to learn how to make peace with the fact that I may never have a relationship with my mother. While my dad was dying,she began using drugs and her decisions affected my childhood. She chose drugs over her children. She walked out of my life and has never shown remorse or accepted responsibility for her actions. I was angry for a very long time and had tried unsuccessfully to change my mother into becoming the person that I wanted her to be. As I matured and became better acquainted with God,He has taught me that I only possess the power to change only me! I have since forgiven my mother for my own sake and came to peace that even though God used her to produce me with life,that was probably the only connection He intended for me to have with her. Trust me,it was very uneasy for me to accept that arrangement,but I finally have. It still hurts me too! As you said,all we can do is try to make amends with those we may have offended. If they don’t reciprocate,we must dust off our shoulders with a clean conscience knowing we at least made an effort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I reminded my daughter that even though her dad is dead,she has had the privilege of maintaining a loving relationship with him up until his death. Some children don’t even know who there father is. I will continue to keep you and your entire family in prayer. Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to vent. This may be the start of a new friendship where we can help each other endure. I hope to have the opportunity of meeting you someday. Thank you again for taking the time to respond!

      • You truly are a blessing with such kind, thoughtful words and insight. Perhaps God’s plan includes us meeting in the future. Blogging has certainly been an adventure that has connected me to a whole different level of learning about others. Also, I plan to coordinate a Royal TKO Media event for this year that will continue that growth.

      • I would certainly like to be a subscriber. Be sure to always keep God in all of your plans and He will definitely help you reach your highest potential. Please stay in touch and keep me informed of any updates. You can always email me or look me up on Facebook: Adele Stadeker. Thanks so much again and may God continue to bless you!

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