Something nice for my White Sox Dad

As you requested…”Happy New Year!”  Nice, right?  Also, again, your welcome for your framed photo gift that was part of my limited Christmas budget.  I hope and pray that you like it.  Also, I will try my best not to be hurt or offended that you neither acknowledged these things out of the kindness of my heart.

Now please note, I refuse to hide my hurt feelings or this blog post for your benefit ever again….How can you be at peace with having never met your four month old granddaughter?

Many blessings from you are upon @Zoraidacnn…and her kids Nicolas and Sophia. I guess your own kids only deserve your love only if they answer to your World Series Manager style of parenting. Well…guess what?  I never really liked baseball and only pay it any mind for the benefit of my so-called family.  There’s some passion, pride, and truth for your next White Sox Campaign. I miss you Dad and I’m sorry you refuse to realize that I won’t settle for anything less than unconditional love.


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