MLK Day of Service with White Sox Volunteer Corps

Despite my Dad’s vindictive nature towards me to continuing my community service…My loving dedication to my community will not be prevented.  Dad, as the Executive Vice-president of the Chicago White Sox, you should know when it is truly important to separate the business from the personal and personal from the charitable.  Blocking my e-mails was a low blow to my charitable efforts and speaks volumes to your character. I hope you have truly discovered love and while I am disappointed you are giving it to Zoraida and her kids after a short time…the twenty plus years you spent raising me will never be erased. Unconditional love is what I have consistently asked of you and you have failed over and over again since the demise of your marriage to my Mom.  My final straws were your so-called friend (and now new fiancee) being put first and you walking out on therapy; thereby/consequently, refusing to deal with the true fact that your daughter was raped.


One thought on “MLK Day of Service with White Sox Volunteer Corps

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