T minus 1 day until *49ers* beat the Ravens

T minus 1 day until *49ers* beat the Ravens

hmmm….my comment is I am equally proud of my brother Kyle and most proud of his ability to drown out all the college days naysayers close to him like our own Dad who was angry when Kyle chose to pare down from two college sports (baseball and football) down to one sport, his true passion, football. Despite, his two college sports my Dad also wanted him to get a job to supplement his small scholarship stipend.  Still, Kyle I hope you know I believe you are an amazingly successful person and I love you younger brother! (I can’t call you little since you are taller than me…Lol)  Also, you are living the dream Dad once had of being a superstar football player and your team is within reach of getting you an oh so coveted championship ring and trophy in less than five years since you joined the team.  You are truly going to be an inspiration to many including your new baby niece who loves you dearly.  GO NINERS!


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