Relaxation and Truth

Finally a peek into the truth about my Dad having “madman” moments from the Chicago Sun Times’ Rick Morrissey…thank God he is learning to be nicer to everyone but my daughter, me, my brother Dedrick, and my Mom.  Still,


that’s ok because he already replaced us with Zoraida, Sophia, Nico, and her extended family.  Here’s the link:  Clearly, I learned a lot from my Dad and my resilience to succeed is everlasting. However, I learned a long time ago that I love to travel and I deserve at least one break per year. Now that my Dad is almost 50 and about to start another family I’m glad he’s finally stopped taking his stress out on me partly because I stopped allowing it and partly because he was forced into truly moving on when my Mom finally filed for divorce from him. Both of my parents are in better places with their personal lives and I am definitely thankful for that. Even I can say my family life is much more relaxed and I look forward to planning the little getaway trips that bring me so much happiness. Happy Friday!


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