Our speaker Detavio Samuels shares

Here are some of his thoughts on Love


Love Stories

By detavio
On February 18, 2013
In love ideas

Someone who was supposed to love you didn’t.  Someone else loved you but left (maybe your’re still recovering).  And perhaps, hopefully, there are others who loved you, stood by your side through all things and never let you fall.

Our life is a webbed series composed of love stories.

With each relationship we walk away with some tale of how love came (or didn’t) and how love stayed (or didn’t).   The stories we tell ourselves based on our experiences with love dictate our own love story.  They teach us to believe in love (or not), whether we deserve love (or not), as well as how to love others (or not).  Know your own love stories so that you can determine whether (or not) they are good the way they are or if some of them need to be rewritten.

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