Top mentors

One of the best mentors of my personal and professional life,  Mr. Jim Reynolds of Loop Capital.   My experience working as his Assistant Vice President was invaluable and to him and my other colleagues and peers I will be eternally grateful.

I would also be remiss to not include Mr. Dwane Stephen formerly of Pfizer Phaaceuticals. During my third round of interviews he was the manager who saw my raw potential and truly worked (lol) to shape and develop my life experience while also guiding me in my professional journey. I can and still call on him to this day. He is a truly cherished mentor in my book.

Last, but in no way least is my family -immediate and extended. They have all touched and shaped my life in so many compelling ways. People like my Mom, Dad, Mama (grandma), Papa, Maw Maw, Grandpaw, Tita Aleg, Tito Jay, and many more I will not fully list here have truly loved me in their own way befitting of their unique personalities.

Truly, all these people have been a shining light in my life.


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