RoyalT(KO)Media celebrates a Speaker birthday

A momentous day from the past...Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox

A momentous day from the past…Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox

Happy birthday to Dedrick Williams who is not only a participating speaker but also my Irish twin. I truly hope he is able to make it to St. Patrick’s Day with Royal TKO Media at Ja’ Grill (

As my Irish twin, I love my brother dearly. For a little over a month we share the same age in number but not by days. As a professional my brother has worked in many industries. A few of his jobs have touched upon the sports arena ranging from working for the Bolingbrook Golf Club as a caddy to working for the Chicago White Sox as a professional talent scout. He has also worked at Turtle Wax, for a construction company, promotional nightlife marketing, and, most recently, New York Life Insurance. He has innate ability to connect with people due to his friendly, giving spirit. Coming from a family of seven (five of them kids) he has also learned the art of budgeting and being frugal. Despite his frugality, please understand that he likes and appreciates top quality items. My brother and I have shared a lot of ups and downs in our lives but through it all we are always there for one another. And, since this is my blog, I will easily say I love you younger brother!


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