Hail to the King? – Not If You Want to Manage

Whether it is in your more youthful job experiences or in a more recent role with tenure, this is probably still relatable.

Why Lead Now

Have you ever worked for someone who thought they were the center of the world?  The person was so demanding that if you didn’t do what they wanted you to do, when they wanted you to do it, you would be getting an earful or worse?  When you hear the term “manager”, does your past experience make you think “dictator”?

caesarChances are, if you’re thinking about moving up to a leadership role (or are even in a leadership role now), the “bad boss” example from above probably showed you how not to behave.  However, in some cases, the way that person acted may have shaped an image for some who think that’s how a manager is supposed to act, especially for younger employees who may not have had many managers.

Consider the purpose of a manager – in the simplest terms, they provide task distribution and guidance.  Being a manager…

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