Rulebook vs. Guidelines?

We should put it to a vote: obliterate the use of “Rulebooks” and only allow “Guidelines (or Handbooks).”  One of my favorite quotes is “change is the only constant” so how can we truly have ‘rules.’  Let’s face it, we have been living in a fast paced world with constantly increasing internet speed for awhile now.  If I may, allow me to be theoretical. Rules are only rules if they are accepted either by an individual or even better a collective.  And, although the thesaurus lists the word rule as synonymous with the term law,  laws as we know them are also known to become modified or have evolved from their prior definitions.  So, you may ask why am I taking issue with use of the word rulebook?  The answer to that question is simple.   We do not need anymore misnomers in our rapid-speed, instant gratification world. Becoming overwhelmed is extraordinarily easy in our society today.  More importantly,  from a business perspective,  the world is becoming more and more collaborative which also means the confines of rules by their nature just may stifle creativity.  The use of the terms guidelines or handbooks removes the false pretense of an alleged authority stemming from the word “rule” as used in the term rulebook. The false notion that there is only one way to accomplish a goal is the very thing which alienates the creativity which is essential to our progress.


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