Reflection Upon 2013


December is here and so much has happened over the course of this year.  As a CEO I have worked to include more business centered posts while still including posts with personal revelations that I think will help others to pursue their passion no matter the odds.  My blog clearly, sometimes too clearly (I say that in a semi-joking way), shows that I have faced personal challenges through the years since starting Royal TKO Media.  Yet, I know that throughout it all I have always and still strive for success that will sustain my business and make my family proud.

I truly believe perfection is subjective and ever-changing.  If I had been asked to describe the perfect life 10 years ago, I am not sure I would describe it the same way today.  Yet, I will accept that as a sign of progress.  I know that through all the trials and tribulations something better is in store for me.  Repeatedly, I have heard that all the dissonance in my life was designed to teach me something I may not have learned otherwise.  And, honestly, it reiterates the strengths of my character and my personal resolve to stand up for my personal beliefs.

At the beginning of this year, I had high hopes but less of a clear vision for the direction the company would go as I added motherhood to my list of accomplishments.  My family had changed in so many ways yet again at the beginning of the year.  And honestly, my family still is a huge influence on my intentions for Royal TKO Media but my approach to things has changed.  By now, I had hoped to have more of my immediate family members involved in Royal TKO Media with a vested interest.  More specifically, the original plan as stated on the company website was for my Dad and brothers to become motivational speakers with Royal TKO Media Productions.  Yet, thus far, my Dad has simply attempted to exert some influence over specific elements of our web presence; however, his method of exertion was counter-productive.  I had no idea he knew anyone at the FBI.  Thankfully, I can now at least chuckle at more and more of the surprises my Dad pulls off.  Sometimes, I still wonder if he is behind the hurtful omissions on his wikipedia page but then again I remind myself time is precious and those issues will be resolved eventually. Nevertheless, the fact remains Royal TKO Media is an endeavor I initially started on my own with the intention for growth professionally and personally.  Equally important, I allowed myself room to explore and reflect throughout 2013.  Today, I can say that Royal TKO Media is still in a state of rejuvenation as I continue to determine our modified short-term business plan for the upcoming year and our long term vision/business plan for the next 5 years.  I hope my readers continue observing my journey via this blog.  Thank you for all your support!


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