Professional = Keeping yourself at a distance?

There is a commonly held belief that maintaining professionalism means distancing yourself from emotion.  While in the large majority of professions this remains true, there is also a time and place for everything so I think it is important to frame the context of emotional events.  If you are pursuing a career as a motivational speaker, your professional and personal history is likely to have its fair share of challenges which taught you lessons of value.  Keep these challenges framed in context.  Most business professionals put more emphasis on the highlights of their life while often downplaying the true realities of their struggles directly to their business peers. However, in this day and age of the internet and social media, the line between what is acceptable to share is shifting. The context for media personalities like journalists or TV hosts caters to the idea that blogging opinions about various news items is an acceptable editorial. Even personal stories of facing adversity when timed strategically can be acceptable such as news reporters blogging about selective topics such as recovery from an illness. The new bottom line is to be know what interests your audience, be strategic in how you share information with them, and diversify the tools you use to connect with the people who show interest in you.


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