Love, Love, more Love Surrounds Me


So, I’m wrapping up a weekend that has been about many things business related.  However, my thoughts for you today still center on the concept of love since this was also Valentine’s Day Weekend for those who took advantage of extending this holiday.  Now, I can not help but also share that I choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day because I truly appreciate and see the value in celebrating and at the same time elevating the concept of love.  I will plainly state that we should all experience love of some type everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.  Also I would like to note that there are several people whom I have met during the various stages/seasons of my life who have attempted to take some of the shine out of this holiday by referencing things such as the Valentine’s Day Massacre or saying that it is a pagan holiday.  But, let me state two things: first, I love to celebrate and holidays facilitates this particular love.  Life throws all of us many curve balls so I like to take advantage of most opportunities to celebrate; secondly, life is all about the perspective you place on things like holidays.  I consciously choose not to focus on the negative history or controversial origins of Valentine’s Day.  At the same time, I am also letting you know that the simple fact that I am aware of the finer details and my stated perspective about them is presented clearly here to demonstrate that I am not simply ignoring what can be seen as detrimental aspects of Valentine’s Day.

The fact is we all need love in our life and it can come in many different forms.  I once read quite some time ago that Eskimos have many different words for love that provide more specific meaning for the word.  And, if I remember correctly, I think it was the book the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman that alerted me to this revelation.  We all have experienced love from a parent or maybe a significant other.  Each of these types of love may have a different word in Eskimo vernacular.  Unfortunately, in my native language, English it seems the word love is used much more loosely.  And, I truly think the idea of differentiating the types of love we experience is an enlightening concept that prevents the all too common miscommunication break-downs that happen across different relationships and connections.

As I mentioned before this weekend for me was more about business than romance; yet, I am still thrilled because in the environment I was in, while still professional, it is an environment full of love.  The majority of the people, if not all, which I were around had such a positive energy and a sincere love for their future opportunities that it was impossible not to leave today with inspiration and hope for your future growth.  Luckily, for me the weekend is also not over just yet.  I still have another day ahead of me to feel this love tomorrow from my business partners and mentors.  More importantly, I want you to know that I feel aware of the growth which is occurring in my life.  In part, I am aware of this growth because it hit me so late today that it would have been my parents‘ anniversary today if they had not gotten divorced.  It also hit me how much distance I have finally put between me and the pain that their split had on me and my ideas of love and commitment.  Most importantly, I have chosen to consciously focus on the things I love in my life. Truly, the direction my life is going is focused on loving every minute I get to experience something new or something old in my life whether it is easy or difficult.  As I have said in prior posts, love will prevail.




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