Renegade, misfit, rebel, or crazy?


Labels at their best provide a framework to help shape meaningful discussion.   I love this Steve Jobs quote for several reasons.  First, it reminds me that changing the world requires the stamina to live through many labels even when you don’t agree with them.   Second,  I truly despise when the word crazy is used loosely and incorrectly.   Lastly,  it embraces the uniqueness required to blaze a new path for yourself.   This year I have personally faced a lot of ambiguity both professionally and personally.  Honestly,  I have enjoyed my newest business venture despite the unforeseen curveballs we have faced in building a strong team.  Still,  the weight of having such limited control over quite a few of the things related to my personal goals has taken a slight toll on my vision too. Nevertheless changing the world by keeping my eyes forward, staying true to my beliefs, and always working hard will ultimately payoff handsomely. The sheer contentment and happiness brought on by inspiring and motivating others to live their lives freely is an indescribable and worthy experience.


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