Love this picture!


In light of the many times race, nationality, culture,  and identity  have come up in national discussion this past year, I simply love this image.  The outrage and action incited by the tragic death in Ferguson is one incident which created meaningful dialogue.  More recently, Raven Simone re-ignited the discourse in Hollywood fashion. Truthfully, these important topics will always remain relevant as the world continues to evolve.   Over ten years ago, I remember writing my college essay about defining my own identity despite being asked and loathing having to choice one box to identify my race.  Since then, they’ve further stratified questionairres to ask race, nationality, and ethnicity.  What I’ve come to realize is that as each day comes with a new lesson we will constantly change.  And, we should embrace our unique perspectives, individual characteristics, and separate identities.  While we all continue to blaze our own path, I hope we all learn to accept that there is little room for judgment and a lot more room for acceptance.  Everyone faces their respective truth in due time, I am sure Raven Simone will learn the absurdity of being “colorless” and I choose to believe that events like the death in Ferguson will become more of a rarity as long as we bottom-line remember to value a person for all that they have to offer whether we can relate to them or not.  We can both embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences which is the simple idea within which many of us struggle to find a balance.


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