The Things I’ve Left Unsaid – “Hot Letters”

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The Things I've Left Unsaid The HWL

A friend of mine shared this article from the New York Times today on writing angry letters, and how many well-known people from history (Abe Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, etc) used to take it upon themselves to write “hot letters” (letters that remained unsent). The purpose behind the letters is simple: for one, they are a form of catharsis; instead of bottling all of your emotions up inside letting them fester, you get them all out on that paper – in a way that doesn’t add any more fuel to the fire. Secondly, it’s a way to say what you truly feel – and often times these vitriolic versions of letters can be toned down, made more appropriate, or organized in some way that they may actually be re-written and sent on to the addressee in hopes of actually becoming a positive form of communication.

Personally, I have certainly never…

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