The Slow Reveal

I keep quiet about a lot of things by choice nowadays.  The difference between now and the past is that when I spoke my mind before I had usually reached some type of tipping point.  Oftentimes, I felt as though I had to keep my emotions tucked away until it had become unbearable and I felt compelled to speak with raw thoughts and emotions.  That was okay in a lot of instances just not necessarily great a few times too.  Believe me there were important issues which I felt that strong urge to reveal my true thoughts only to have them come out with less polish than I am capable of using thereby undercutting my overall impact.  Still, I also went through tough experiences which ultimately taught me truly valuable lessons. Yet, I still wouldn’t wish those same lessons upon others despite the value of what I learned – this may easily be called my very own conundrum.  Even saying that, I am still in wonder at how the impact of those very same lessons strengthened me in a way that caused so much pain and still managed to result in immeasurable growth of character and resolve.

At times, I still find my fairly newfound and selective introversion uncomfortable because I truly enjoyed being an open, trusting,  and straight forward person.   However, I simply remind myself to find comfort in now understanding that I’ve developed the patience to see who is truly deserving of the open, trusting, straight-forward person that I still am because only those people deserve to know me on that level.  Speaking my mind has now become a matter of strategic timing which allows me to reveal myself at a new, refreshing pace that also should leave a desire to learn more about me at another time.  The extrovert side is worth knowing!  Ultimately, I hope that some of you can also relate to the benefits of “the slow reveal” or at least will contemplate what I attempted to express in this post especially as you embark on your personal journey which may inspire others.



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