Words to ponder

“The truest end of life is to know the life that never ends.” ~William Penn

What do you think this quote is about?  I feel it can be interpreted many ways especially depending upon where you are in your life in terms of experiences and goals.  You could see this as talking about life as a cycle.  Or, I also see this as reminding us to know that we always have an impact.  And the impact we create can have a lasting impression on others.  In this day and age, with the widespread use of technology, social media, and print, we are all able to leave even more of an imprint in the world around us.  Motivational speakers strive to ensure that people know the life that never ends with their desire to share words of wisdom, inspiration, and hope to audiences of all types.  We all have a message to share even if you are not a public speaker or not the best at speaking to audiences.  I just hope that you will share your stories or even thoughts about this with me here in the comments section or on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/royaltkomedia


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