Kim Kardashian doesn’t realize she’s the butt of an old racial joke

Today I came across an article about a very popular topic from yesterday which I tried to avoid all because it focused on one picture of a somewhat controversial woman. However, this article taught me something new about the issue and raised my level of awareness which is a requirement for growth. Issues of race are still very much alive in modern society, which is actually not surprising. What is surprising, is that a lot of racial issues seem to have evolved very little in their nature. For example, instead of elevating discussion from equality and access to education for all children to a discussion one solely focused on quality of education – we remain discussing all three: equality, access, and quality. The idea that very little progress is what comes across because we are never able to eliminate one topic. Perhaps, the reason why we can not move the harmful ideologies that underpin race to an improved condition is because of an ignorance about the past. The article I read which discussed the somewhat controversial woman I previously referred to known as Kim Kardashian revealed not only Kim K’s ignorance but my own limitations to know everything about the history of something as simple as a picture. I am not sure that Kim K and Paper magazine succeeded in breaking the internet but they did ignite a lot of discussion. I just feel glad that I found the article that taught my something of value to discuss. Please read the article, it is truly enlightening and at some point I hope to do research on Saartije Baartman.

And, here’s another article I noticed a couple days later which goes into further historical detail:¬†

Featured Image -- 1634


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