Refreshing in the New Year

Hopefully your full Monday the first one following- post-holiday hustle, bustle, and stress – going into the new year has been wonderful! Mine has given me several challenges about which I would love to share details because it resumes my renovation and refresh articles from a few years ago.  However for now I just want to send you out something quick until I am in a better position to blog. Because I really appreciate my readers and based on my stats yesterday was apparently a big day for my blogging and I’m not even sure why. I just want you to know that as long as you choose to stay calm and focus on solutions rather than problems everything will work out in the end. I was taught that it is easier to beg for forgiveness then it is to ask for permission and sometimes you have to choose between the two.  At the end of the day just trust your instinct and the universe will take good care of you. 1 love!


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