What do you know about Selma the Movie?

Tomorrow is the release of Selma the movie which features many phenomenal actors of both black and white racies . I had the pleasure of seeing a free screening of the movie at the showplace ikon theater in Chicago Illinois. I wasn’t sure to what to expect because I hadn’t brushed up on my history lesson. However, the movie immediately caught my attention with a very dramatic opening scene. Not to mention that many of the actors were quite phenomenal and expressing their emotions and doing justice to their roles. The movie was well written. And even the typewriter which portrayed the role of intelligence in our government what significant than understanding what happened in order to create change.

For me the movie touches on my own roots in African-American history which is important for all Americans to know. I also couldn’t help but be reminded the recent tragic events which has gained national attention and created much turmoil. The poster which a woman held up stating I can’t believe I still have to protest this s*** had such a profound effect on me. The reason why I had such a profound effect is because that’s how I felt as well. Especially because my experience as an ant a student under graduate at Duke University and went through protest there as well to fight discrimination in this out. Not to mention the classes I took which touched upon those very same topics. He go back in my blog you will see that I did post an article which seeks to when the black students of Duke University where in an uproar about an advertisement that was permitted to be published in the school newspaper. It was an artist school that said the top 10 reasons why reparations are a bad idea and racist too . It just seemed like such a step backwards from all that had been done for us by historical figures like dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X belong with Thurgood Marshall or Lyndon b. Johnson. These people wanted to see changed. But how much have we really changed? A lot of the things that those individuals were going through form many parallels to some of the frustrations the black community as express in present day America.

I was further reminded of the research I did while attending Duke University. And I remember taking a class where I had to write about the role of organization’s like SNCC and how their leaders did experience some discomfort and inner turmoil at times . But what you will see is that movement was not about one single leader. Yes, the main character is Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. But as the movie demonstrates there were many leaders and people who played many different roles in the movement to catapult its impact. There’s even an article that the director explains that she wanted people to understand that women actually played a subtle yet important role within the movement. The portrayal of Coretta Scott as a wife demonstrates that while women also had a role in the home they also had to show their support for their significant other. I don’t want to give away the details of the movie in case you didn’t get your historical refresher either. But I will say that by the end of the movie I felt moved to take action today against some of the racist actions that are being promoted within our own country and supported by disheartening grand jury verdicts. I tend to be a person that never really just sits still. But after my own experiences with racism I too was tired of fighting the same problem without feeling like anything was changing. What people often fail to ever realize is that the change takes time. At the end of the movie there is a caption that points out it took a span of over thirteen years for Martin Luther King Jr to accomplish some of these things before his death at the tender age of 39. It didn’t happen overnight. All of our collective action whether big or small will make the difference to make sure that we all know as an American community that black lives matter.


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