Ignoring Constructive Criticism


Recently,  I shared some constructive criticism with a client of mine and I was surprised and concerned when she rejected the marketing research.  Specifically she asked that in the future I no longer share any negative information with her. Although I have always felt that constructive criticism is indeed negative especially if you are not prepared to receive it and close-minded to others viewpoints. At the same time, I have been taught that constructive criticism is an essential aspect of our learning processes. Then again, I felt as though my client was teaching me something with her rejection of feedback.   Could ignoring Constructive criticism speak to her intellectual genius, entrepreneurial drive, and targeted marketing prowess?   This remains to be seen because her event is several months away.  Yet, it still made me ask the question is ignoring criticism a sign of resistance to feedback and personal growth or a sign of intelligence and resilience?
What do you all think?  We would love to have your feedback and also invite you to our first discussion event on February 21, 2015: https://www.facebook.com/events/854999127896431/.

Cheers to you on this Sunday!



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