Loving inspiration



These are my sources for inspiration as I continue to prepare not just for this week but for the rest of my journey this year.  Today marks the last day of Sox Fest for the MLB Chicago White Sox where my Dad (Ken Williams, Sr.) and two of my four brothers work: Kenny Jr. and Tyler.  Conscious effort is required for me not to dwell on how drastically my family dynamics have changed over the years.  Still, I can easily say I will never forget the energy my entire family felt after the White Sox won the World Series title in 2005.  If so much had not transpired among my family, I would almost be in disbelief that it has been nearly 10 years since my Dad achieved his ultimate career goals at such a steep price to the family he raised.  Nevertheless,  I am still rooting for him and the family he chose to put first.  GO SOX!



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