Prepping on Superbowl Sunday

Today is an exciting day for many sports and/or advertising fans.  To be honest,  as the eldest child and only girl among five children while growing up, I was never a big sports fan.  This fact is strange to many people who realize I grew up in a baseball family.  Specifically,  I attended many Chicago White Sox games as my Dad Ken Williams, Sr. climbed the career ladder going from being a baseball player, scout, special assistant to the Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, General Manager, and now  Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox.   For a long time, my Dad and I enjoyed a close, loving Daddy – daughter relationship where I was one person with whom he didn’t have to talk about baseball.  My Dad was also a great movie and bowling buddy to have. Since very early in my Dad’s relationship with his third wife Zoraida SamboLin, we became distant because my parents divorce was difficult,  therapy for my rape was hard, and his new ‘friendship/relationship’ was more appealing.

Still, I learned a lot from my Dad even about football.  Unless your a sports nut or trivia buff, you may not know my Dad played football at Stanford University (my first choice college that wait – listed me) before fully entering his professional baseball career.  At the time of his enrollment with Stanford,  he already had a contract with the White Sox and couldn’t play baseball for Stanford because it would be in conflict with that contract.   My family also lived in Seattle during the off-season and has family in Washington, so this Superbowl Sunday, I’ll probably root for the Seahawks since I can’t root for my brother Kyle (IG: @Kylewilliams_10) a former Wide Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs since he obviously is not playing.

Most importantly, when it comes to football and sports in general, my Dad taught me for some people it is not just a game. For some people this is their livelihood and their profession.  Some athletes will even put the game before their family which is ultimately their choice to make since they may be the breadwinner for more than just their immediate family.  So, whether you are into sports or not, know that there is still relevance in every event whether it is peripheral or directly impacting your life.   Whether you are preparing for a superbowl party or merely focused on your upcoming work week,  remember life is precious and that being prepared only helps you for whatever lessons comes your way.  I’ve learned from my family especially as our communication dynamics have changed.  And, I learn from each person I encounter each day whether I meet them in person or simply watch them on TV.  Enjoy your prep for the upcoming week and thank you for taking time to read what I have to say.


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