Authentic Self…thank you!

There are times when I’ve considered yet again deactivating my Facebook social media or when I’ve said these are fake friends on this Facebook account.   Yet,  yesterday the outpouring of support while I faced the days multiple trials and tribulations reminded me exactly why I share my life stories rather than hide them.  We all go through challenges and some people think Facebook is LinkedIn, the professional social network.   It’s not.  NPR I believe stated that researchers found that people on Facebook get depressed because they believe their friends and peers on Facebook are always positive and happy.  Absolutely no one, human person is always happy.  We were born with feelings,  emotions,  and imperfections.   Embrace all of the aforementioned and never be afraid of any false notions with which someone may have mislabeled you.  I for one will assure you,  I love you just the way you are!  Thank you for being your authentic self with me because that is what I will always be with you.


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