Perfect timing


Life can hit us hard with many different things whether it is at work, in school, with your friends, at home, and the list goes on. You may find it easy to complain or to feel like everything’s falling down on you.  Still, I’ve learned the hard way – and I can easily admit that it’s been the hard way – that sometimes it’s ok to just focus on the moment, stop being Type A and planning away the world, and just accept that everything is not in my control. This is truly what that picture means to just relax and let the world do what it’s done for thousands, millions, and actually billions of years. Enjoy what you can plan for and let go of what you can’t control.  I plan to sit by the water just like the gentleman in yhe image is doing anytime conflict tries to drag me down. Perfect timing is around us daily, try to focus on and remember that.

Have a wonderful day! #lovealways


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