Rape #SurvivorLoveLetter

Dear fellow survivor,

I want you to know I am here for you.  My experience was not your experience so while I may be able to relate to you in some ways, I still have no idea what you are truly going through…still I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you are ready. 

If you want me to listen, to sit, to cry, sing (fair warning you may regret it if you request this one), or simply let you be yourself, I will do it.  I wish I could take the pain away for you
…until the pain and maybe even the fear fades (and it will fade ) let’s try facing it together because I love you. This was not your fault.  You are still the smart, amazing, and beautiful person you were before this happened and you will forever remain that way.  Love yourself and please do not let any person steal any of your happiness from you as a result of what happened.  You are loved now and always!



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