Anniversary Reflections

Three years ago today, I married a man who helped me to remodel my family home, was by my side for my daughter’s birth, and during the same time period had also put his hands on my throat (for over – cooking his greens, put bruises on my arm and knees, and bruised my ribs so that it hurt when I sneezed all while I was pregnant with my first born child and even a couple months after her birth.  Domestic violence and sexual assault are two heinous actions that many people in society are taught and tend to ignore against women and it must end. So, as I reflect on today’s date please consider rethinking how society has taught you to remain silent when you see something going wrong in a relationship. Love blinds people and they need your help whether they will admit it to you or not.  #lovealways #reflection #saam #saam2015


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Reflections

  1. You are right.
    I had a friend who had an abusive husband. He would even abuse her when there were visitors around. It got to the point that I would only see her when he was guaranteed to be away and when even that didn’t work, I stopped seeing her.
    My guilt made me get in touch again by which time she had left him. I explained why I had stayed away and she said so many of her friends had done the same.
    Then she talked about getting together with an earlier abusive partner and I decided enough was enough.
    Recently I got in touch with her through FaceBook and she is happily married to a really nice man, but I still wonder if I had told her how her treatment at the hands of men had upset me at the time, would she have spent less time in such dire circumstances.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your own experience. There is no right or wrong answer because it’s difficult to know the best way to support each individual friend. What may have worked with one person may not work with another. Just take comfort in the fact that at the right time you finally chose to speak and tell her what you rightfully felt and thought. Thanks again for taking the time to comment Tish!

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