Ending the Denial #saam2015


“My rapist robbed me of so much emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially (with my extended and immediate family).  I declare it ends today and a war on the basic human rights or God-given riches he stole from me. ALL the denial ends now.” TeMeka C. Williams,  Rape Survivor & President/CEO of Royal TKO Media

This was posted not long after a successful event to benefit and promote the healing process goals of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  As expressed at the event, many but not all of my own immediate family members refuse to acknowledge, discuss, or even process the fact that was raped while I was in college.  We all shared relevant stats related to rape victims.  Still, many of those statistics thankfully do not apply to me in large part due to a lot of therapeutic work done on my part.  Please feel free to contact me or any of the Royal TKO Media staff if you would like more information on our motivational and inspirational services.

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness!





5 thoughts on “Ending the Denial #saam2015

    • Thank you for commenting! Why do these words sting for you? For me they are a hard reality but I must stop making excuses for those closest to me who are in denial and want me to sweep this rape incident under the rug.

      • Because I feel your pain, of how it is to be violated, against your will.
        It pains me to know what you have been through, and I hope and pray that you stay strong..

      • Thank you for your compassion! What amazes me the most is the I have found strangers who become kindred spirits to be more compassionate than my own family. That seems to be where most of my pain stems these days. Your prayers are much appreciated and needed as this has been a tough month as I have continued the healing process and tried to increase Sexual Assault Awareness during the recognized month for it.

      • I guess some people find comfort in denial, specially family when they run out of options to comfort, they just think that it is best to pretend like it never happened, not realising that it does more harm than good…

        I truly hope that you can get past this and be strong. It is immensely commendable of you to spread awareness.

        Thank you for making this world, a bit more safer..

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