Baltimore On My Mind

So hard to fall asleep knowing the unrest going on in the world…particularly Baltimore and not long ago Ferguson… Especially knowing Easter recently passed and the Catholic Church often reviews when even Jesus got angry in his Father’s temple and kicked out those who polluted it as a market.  We needed both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X’s teachings to create change for the better not that many years ago.  People want to present a blind eye to the fact that we were given emotions including anger for a reason.  People forget that our survival instincts include both fight or flight.  SOME of us fight with our words, Some of us fight with our fists.  Silence gets us nowhere.  The discussion has been going on for a long time. We need change.  If my unborn child is a boy what new worries will I face as a mother…I already worry constantly that some heathen boy will rape my daughter, next will I have to worry that I may have a son who gets falsely accused of anything even as heinous as rape only to risk justice in a clearly slanted court system?  I pray constantly.  We need change and I understand the anger of the youth and despise the silence or cowardice of the majority.  #prayingconstantly #tryingtobringpeacetomymind #blasian #catholic #woman #mother #daughter #sister #lordhelpmetounderstand


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