LOVE conquers Misunderstanding and ridicule


Today, I am giving a speech at Northwestern University in keeping with my work in April to prevent sexual assaults. For me, rape prevention and domestic ciolence awareness does not end with the month of April. Violence is an everyday issue for all people but in particular for minorities like myself. The fact that I am part Asian and part African-American (also commonly referred to as black) means that I’ve witnessed a lot of discrimination. For me the most interesting part is that the two different cultural backgrounds handle the adversity in two totally different ways.

I once read that the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they create only one story. So, with that in mind I can easily say that Asians are much more passive. While being commonly pigeonholed and labeled as simply a black women thereby some others consciously ignore or reject my Asian heritage, I know that there have been moments where I have been more aggressive.

Yet, there is one thing I can’t stand is someone whose is passive-aggressive because it’s just conflicting and deceitful in my eyes. Everyone has a different style of handling things. The most important thing to me is direct, honest, open communication no matter whether or not you have to agree to disagree at the end of that conversation.  Each voice must be heard; however, the purpose of discussion is to expand our minds and consequently our conscience.



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