Staying Strong While Weary


I can’t tell you exactly how frequently (too much to count lol) I am told I am strong especially when I tell my friends I am weary.  Today was such a bittersweet Mother’s Day! While I enjoyed every moment with my angel and first-born baby girl Mikayla,  my own estranged relationship with my mother who hides her alcohol abuse lurks underneath the surface.   Recently, I had to make one of the hardest decisions ever that would prevent her increasing negativity in my life which escalated rapidly once my baby’s father and I told my Mom I am currently pregnant with another baby blessing from God.  While my baby’s father continues to struggle to understand the family dynamics I have learned to navigate and cope with all my life, the inspiration I actually find in others and my faith is what carries me through each day.   I am secure in the knowledge that the most recent storm in my life will eventually pass too.   Until that time, I am leaning in and relying on both my strength and inspiration.   Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s in my life who raised me and taught me to be independent and always true to myself.




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