Define YOUR Passion

Since my company’s Instagram page has been created so many great gems of wisdom have been shared there. Here’s another picture and thought from the RTKO team page also being shared with you here.

Your WHY = Your Passion

How much thought do you give to what drives you each day? If you had all the money in the world, do you believe you would still be happy? For most people there’s something deep inside them that moves them to laugh at challenges and keeps them looking to break through barriers.

One of our most popular speakers always talks about how what keeps her going each day, her “why”and her “passion.” EVERY morning when she wakes up she thinks about her family and most particularly for children. “No matter how much money you have what mark do you want to leave on the world?,” she asks. And for her, she knows that her children as they watch her own self-growth and personal development daily that this will leave the bigger impact on the world then she can alone in the amount of time she’s given here. So, again we ask what is it that keeps you going each day?

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