Tough decisions


Tough decisions should not be delayed…and don’t look back once you make them!

Lately, life has confronted me with a downpour of decisions.  Quite a few business and professional decisions; yet, for me, those are always driven by my personal family decisions. 

One of my most valued mentors recently shared with my that every decision he makes is centered on growing his top-ranked firm.  And, in the back of my mind, once my daughter was born I knew that every decision I made was no longer just about me but also about her too.  Now, I have another baby on the way and made the extraordinarily difficult decision of severing all ties with the baby’s father due to his outright violent and subtle, passive threats.

As an intelligent person, I have been faced with some extraordinary decisions that felt muddled with confusion about how to stay on track in both my business endeavors and personal life goals.  What I’ve realized is that the confusion is just noise that holds me back from moving forward.  I’ve burned the dangerous bridges that served to only create more strife and difficulty in my life.  Many times I’ve also chosen to cross the bridges leading to hope, happiness, and love.

Life has never been about pursuing what is easy for me, it’s meant to be lived for the moments of enlightenment.  And, I have experienced so much more insight when I focus on my strengths.  Among my greatest strengths is my ability to use my voice and speak my mind.  So, as I continue to grow, I pray that you simply find value in the thoughts, challenges, and hopes that I share as I continue to use my voice without fear.  #onwardandupward



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