Those on the Outside Looking In


Someone made a comment the other day that irked me; yet, the great thing about that is it got me thinking. Their comment was out of line and probably misguided. My key take away though is that I have never -let me reiterate again: not once- wanted anyone to feel sorry for me or the life experiences and challenges I’ve been through. Without any of those obstacles, I wouldn’t be the person I am today nor would I have experienced the growth that I had in my short time thus far on earth. So, if anyone feels sorry for you, you should let them know there’s no need because you are on a personal journey. From the outside looking in that person will never be able to understand the true depth and emotions that you feel nor will they be able to understand the thoughts that have formed as a result of what has made you stronger. So, I will continue to ponder what to do or how to respond when a person feels it’s justified for them to feel sorry for me. And, I truly welcome your thoughts on how to approach it as well…let me know please?



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