Personal Development Tip #201

How are you using your weekend?  It’s easy to spend the whole weekend on fun.  Make sure your fun includes planning for your future happiness.

This tip should help you to understand how often you should ‘plan,’ assess, and adjust those plans.  Outside of your very first time it should take no more than 30 minutes.

Personal Development Tip #201:

Set and Re-assess both your personal and professional goals at consistent intervals.  Expect to adjust your plans as life takes ‘normal’ unexpected turns.

~Short-term: daily, weekly, & monthly
~Long-term: annually, every 5 years & 10 years


I expect my dreams to become a reality.   One method I use to set my goals is creating a vision board which includes sections for all my short and long-term goals.  My personal,  family goals have been adjusted a couple times now and I most certainly feel blessed and thankful even as I have made those adjustments.  Professionally, Royal TKO Media continues to grow even while facing many hurdles.  I love sharing what I learn along the way and truly hope you find some value in these life adventures too.

Passion Specialist/CEO
Royal TKO Media
#passion #integrity #perseverance


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