Diversity is Required for Growth


Reflections on Growth:

In order to truly GROW, LEARN, and UNDERSTAND you must SEEK out DIVERSE experiences.  This includes situations that are unexpected, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable because you will gain SIGNIFICANT professional and personal growth by STRETCHING your mind at those times.

Recently, I realized my circle of friends while actually diverse is not balanced.  Despite growing up in a largely conservative environment,  and despite some people that were part of my upbringing falsely believing they are quite liberal, people who are closest to me know that I remain to this day and continue to grow as more of a free spirit than anyone who ‘judges a book by its cover’ would guess.  This morning I came to the realization that my inner circle is not balanced even though I do feel it is reflective of the dominance of conservatives especially within Corporate America.  This imbalance is hindering me from achieving my biggest goals and reaching a larger, collective audience.  I need less rigid conservatives among my friends and more progressive thinkers among my inner circle. By coming to this necessary realization, I am excited about stretching myself to achieve both my professional and personal goals.

Still, I would love to know: How diverse is your circle? Please me know in the comments section.

Passion Specialist/CEO
Royal TKO Media

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