Creating a Lifetime


CREATE THE BEST STORY OF A LIFETIME!  Never let the fear of imperfection get in your way.  You will always deserve only the best within yourself for as long as you seek it.

For the second time, I’ve begun reading my gift from a best friend of mine Eckhart Tolle’s best-selling book The Power of Now. The first time I was not ready and I’ve rarely been able to read non-fiction as fast as I read fiction because the reality for me is I love stories.   Stories are truly meant to be shared and their is an art to story-telling.  Yet, some people learn best from focusing on facts and figures and non-fiction is an easier read for people with that gift.  As I seek to hone my skills and increasingly read non-fiction and evidence-based books, I am discovering that this genre is story-telling in a different format.  So whatever your personal storytelling style, just make a story that resonates first to yourself and then the story will also speak to your kindred spirits in our diverse world.

Ponder those thoughts as you create your day today.

Passion Specialist/CEO
Royal TKO Media

Note: This was inspired by the words of C. JoyBell C.

#passion #integrity #perseverance #motivationalspeakers #personaldevelopment



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