Destiny as Framed by Gandhi

PONDER THIS: Gandhi  was a huge promoter of peace and positivity.  I’ve seen a variation of this image with the first line simply saying “watch.” 


There is a fundamental difference in the word choice here which I appreciate; more specifically this quote recommends ACTIVELY choosing an approach that focuses on the good.  Instead of potentially feeding fears whether of a personal creation or instigated by the gossip or opinions of another person, when you read this you are encouraged to do more than simply watch.

In this fast-paced age of technology and instant gratification, people passively seek information and are quick to jump to judgment.  There is an often quoted bible passage from the book of the gospel  John 8:7 “ And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them,’Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.’”  We are each on an a very individualized and personal journey where many will cross our paths.  Some are key role players such as family members and others are less obviously influential; yet they are still integral.  All of these outside factors may attempt to bring negativity into your life and you must still (to paraphrase) keep your thoughts, words, behavior, habits, and values positive to maintain a fruitful destiny.

We make choices daily.  At times we want to wallow in the difficult lessons and frame them as something other than lessons: difficulty, pain, hurt,  etcetera.  It’s all about perspective and remember your feelings are transient.  You have the right to those feelings and should also remember that you can always choose to let those feelings pass and return to positivity whenever life puts you in a position to falter.   Nothing lasts forever good or bad and above all you deserve the best, most -positive destiny possible.   Just think Gandhi was assasinated despite the fact that he was working for peace and social justice.   However,  I like to believe his spirit lives on and remains happy and positive about the continued impact he has continued to have even in this present day.

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Royal TKO Media

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