Live “Anyway”


Living (or “loving” if predictive text had its way) a life centered around happiness, peace, and, love is the best gift to yourself and those around you. Everyone gains in multiples from a choice that YOU make to focus on the bigger picture.

How much thought have you given to the moments that make you happy, bring you peace, and at the same time you can feel love?  Do you revel in those moments, savor them, and try to make them last forever?  Most of us have been absorbed in instant gratification enabled by the fast-paced of technology.   Simple things such as spending time in nature alone or watching children (they don’t have to be yours) play at a playground serves as an easy way to remind yourself of what these moments feel like especially if you know how to keep your cell phone out of your hands.  When my cell phone battery drains to automatic phone shut-off after Im working with iy non-stop or my technology is simply refusing to work, I find it to be a blessing or reprieve because I am then forced to simply pay attention to what is in front of me.  Living in the moment has become a little more challenging in modern society just based off of some of the examples I just gave.  However, let’s make the choice together to:

1. Become a Better Person
2. Live in the Moment
3. Unplug from Technology

Centering yourself on a strong foundation of values is key to the happiness and peace I mentioned.  Finding your center is easier with less distractions.  And lastly, continue to focus on your most important goals.  Although this post is short, I hope it provides some value to you.  The hope is that sharing my own focus will motivate or inspire you.


Beautiful child in the park!

Passion Specialist/CEO
Royal TKO Media

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