Dream Freely


Dream Freely!  Everything you need is found within yourself.   Sometimes this may be hard to see, dream big or small and know that subconsciously you still work towards your innermost desires.

I have always held a strong belief that dreams are an important indicator in our lives.  In my youth, I kept a dream journal.  And, in high school, I even prepared a speech on dreams.  At that time, despite my sincere interest in dreams, I bombed that speech.  Usually even then I was fairly confident about my academics but when it came to that speech none of the information came to mind when I had to stand in the little box of tape made by my Honors English teacher in front of my peers.  Consequently,  that was my worst performed section of the syllabus.  Rather than leave it behind me once that Honors English class was over I chose an elective in Public Speaking because I needed to prove to myself that I could do better.  I’ve always challenged myself.  Even giving a speech about dreams which I could easily have framed as a nightmare became a motivating force within myself.

In an article written by Susan van der Linden for Scientific American magazine many theories suggest a ” link between our dreams and emotions.”  This suggests that maintaining a positive attitude and believing in yourself may even contribute to your own ability to achieve your dreams.  Emphasis on the science behind dreams is not necessary to prove that your dreams are important especially while science will forever debate which of various proposed theories may be finally proven.

Yet, I simply wanted to share both anecdotal and scientific information because we all have different learning styles and belief systems.  Regardless of that, the point remains you should believe in yourself.  I know that everything I need is within myself.  My question to you remains, do you believe that everything you need to achieve your dreams is already within yourself?

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