A Silver Lining Exists!

Always look for a silver lining.


Some people are not big fans of rain such as what you see in the picture; yet, rain is a necessary pay of life that brings refreshment and growth to the world. Life has a lot to do with perspective whether you decide you like the rain or not. All these thoughts reminded me of insight from my college days.   My college roommate used to say: be specific in your prayers and be careful what you pray for.  The lesson I took from
that advice is that the way you get the things that you may most desire, whether you express them as prayers or goals, they can come in unexpected ways. The unexpected can at times be very challenging especially if you allow it to create a stressful or negative perspective in your life. I’m a firm believer that there’s a reason for everything and if you just look for that silver lining you may just be able to get a hint of what’s to come next which will only bring you closer to your goals.

You have big blessings coming your way. Just believe and trust yourself!  Remember, a silver lining exists if you truly understand your innermost desires and have faith that the world is conspiring to give you exactly what you want the most then you will come to find and understand the silver lining of some of your most challenging situations.

~TeMeka C. Williams, CEO & Passion Specialist

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